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Clients testimonials

Boulder CO, Personal Trainer

Anne has transformed our families' physical and mental wellbeing. We started with her about 4 months ago as she was the first person to respond to our thumbtack inquiry and we're so glad she did! We instantly connected with her holistic philosophy (mind/body/nutrition) and how personable she was when asking us about our fitness and injuries. But the real challenge was that we wanted to train our entire family, our son is 14 years old and we're starting to get up there in years and each have different strengths and weaknesses. She designed specific programs for each of us after our initial assessment. Each session is different, and she always keeps it fun and challenging between strength and cardio training. She's masterful with injuries as I believe she has experience training both athletes and seniors and therefore when my back was tweaked, she focused an entire session for me on just back strengthening exercises - my pain was gone in time for the next session! Our son has absolutely developed a passion for training since starting with Anne. He's gotten much more muscular now and is driven to stay fit and healthy - even with food as he no longer wants junk snacks. We have an expression we use now "W.W.A.S." - which is "what would Anne say?" when we're about to make a bad decision =) Also, my husband has lost 15lbs and I'm feeling fitter than ever! The best part though is that we get to work out as a family and it's something that we've really bonded over. We love our sessions with Anne and look forward to each one (even though we also look forward to them ending, jeje ;)!!

 Yvonne & Co present clients in Boulder. A family project with different profiles.

Anne is an excellent personal trainer. She prepares for all the sessions; her work outs are diverse and comprehensive. Her training is enhanced by the feedback she provides on nutrition and general wellness practices. One of her great attributes is her ability to work with a person’s temporary or permanent condition and address the issues. She was instrumental in helping me regain my balance after I underwent brain surgery. I love her.

Sandra, remote client in Florida. She was my first client back in 2008 over there. After 8 years training together, I left for California. We reconnected during the pandemic and have been working together on her vestibular issues for over 3 years.

Anne is the absolute best. I started working with her weekly about 2 months ago to get in shape for a half marathon and big climbing trip and she has helped me go from being almost sedentary to feeling prepared mentally and physically for both. She is very knowledgeable and puts effort into creating a workout for your session and puts the workouts into a doc that you can reference later. Each session is different and targeted toward personal needs based on what she sees and/or your requests. She's also a delight to be around. I will continue working with her and highly recommend her!

Megan, 2022 Boulder. Young and athletic, training for 2 different events back-to-back.

I work out with Anne remotely from California. Best decision ever. Anne has the professionalism and the sixth sense to adapt the workout to your needs. She has the right balance of kindness and drive to make you improve. I needed to move again but she is also an accomplished Ironman athlete who trains a high-level friend of mine. She is humble, focused, friendly, and has range to help every level effectively. Oh, and she is French and knows a great deal about nutrition. Highly recommend!!

Alexis, 2021. Going back to exercise during the pandemic in his backyard in Los Angeles.

Boulder Co, Fitness training, health coaching

Anne got back to me right away. Her communication by email, phone and text has been supportive and impeccable. I was super nervous...but Anne was AWESOME on our first workout! She emailed the workout to me ahead of time and brought simple equipment to my house. She's professional, positive and knows her stuff. I am excited to continue!

Lisa, Lafayette 2022. Building confidence and ability to train with severe joints issues.

During a time when I had relocated to South Florida to assist with the medical needs and care of my aging father, I unfortunately fell victim of age-related medical issues of my own. During the course of my search for holistic health/recuperative training I was fortunate to have connected with Anne Biscaldi. I instantly found her expertise on the physical body comforting. Coupled with her knowledge of holistic diet and health, as well as her thoughtful manner, I must say she was the perfect solution for my personal needs. I have since moved back to New England and thanks to our current world of technology, I am able to continue my training with Anne when needed. With the use of Skype, telephones, and/or emails, distance is not a governing factor. I simply contact Anne with my request and she develops a plan that suits my situation and we get to work!
-Dr. Theresa Kipp Ed.D.  (August 2018)

I met Terry during a very stressful period of her life. We needed to support her mentally and physically and deal with cravings resulting from this imbalance in her life.

Anne is the perfect blend of toughness and kindness. She knows when to push you to go beyond what you think you can do but knows when to ease back. Anne motivates you to WANT to do the best that you possibly can. There is never any boredom with workouts because she is always adding new exercises and techniques to the training repertoire. I never felt like "ughh- I have to work out", quite the opposite!! She is knowledgeable about the human body, health issues, and eating healthily as well. About five years ago I was diagnosed with systemic lupus. I could barely hold on to weights at first. Anne helped me figure out what we could and couldn't do, and what would be better for my inflamed joints. She was always so supportive. Luckily, the medicine I was put on kicked in after several months and I could slowly do more weight and not have pain grabbing hand weights or going up the stairs. We built from there and I know that working out with Anne has definitely helped me maintain my overall health and manage my lupus

Janet in Florida. Weight-loss program plus training with lupus. This condition requires a lot of flexibility in terms of body parts you can train that day and the level of intensity of the session

Anne is an excellent personal trainer!! She was with me during my pregnancy and really helped me feel active, strong, and full of energy. The results were evident after just a few weeks... She also helped me with my diet giving me great nutrition guidance that still works for me... and everything in the most fun way!! Anne is the best personal trainer I've ever worked with, she is just funtastic!! :) So, if you want to lose weight, get fit, and/or need diet support, I truly recommend her

-Carolina M.  (December 2012) – pregnancy.

Anne is a wonderful and extremely effective, fun personal trainer! I was fortunate to train with Anne when I had suffered a frozen shoulder and had constant back pain. Anne created exercises for me that greatly improved motion in my shoulder and strengthened my back, and as an added bonus, Anne also provided healthy nutrition tips to stay on track!

Ceri, 2016 Florida

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