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Health and Wellness Coaching

New Habits for a Healthier Life

I have a background and love for food that started in my parents gastronomic restaurant in France, which they had for 30 years. My passion led me to the Culinary School of Nice in the south of France, where I met my husband. So, in my foodie household, it's all about cooking!! From there stemmed my love of proper nutrition (which I studied in Ireland), and came my passion for wellness in every aspect of life.

To me, coaching is first being an attentive listener to your unique situation, goal, or problem. My coaching concentrates on where you are now, and what you are willing to do, to get where you want to be in the future.

When you productively discuss your goal with a coach, it should provide clarity, and move you into ACTION (instead of procrastination, or pipe dreams) and I will propose -not impose- you with options, leads, ideas which should make sense to you and are feasible at the stage you are.

In the process you should learn more about yourself and in the majority of cases you will realize that you did put brakes on your capabilities and potential.

My role is to help you become more in touch with your inner instincts. I strongly believe that deep down we all know what's good/ bad for us...under the filters and layers. To allow you to reach your "aha"moment and realize that the solution was in you all along waiting to be tapped into.

That's the difference between blindly following a diet instead of studying your relationship with food. learning how to cook and establishing new and long term habits.

These new habits will represent a new YOU - stronger mentally & physically and so much happier because you more at peace with who you are. 

My areas of expertise are:

weight loss, preparation for an event (race, wedding), plan and cook healthy and simple meals for the whole family, prepare you through your pregnancy:-) pre and menopause, stress management, work/life balance...... and more

My Core Belief:

First, we must train our MINDS to create POSITIVE ENERGY - to be our best friend and not our worst enemy. The little voice in your head needs to relax and learn to trust you, before you can heal your body and become stronger.

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