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Health & Wellness Coaching

How to implement lasting habits to live your life at its best!

Boulder Co training

For your health and mine, I believe in cross-pollination. I don’t want to be the ultimate expert in ONE field but rather have an educated opinion on as MANY as I can! Like agriculture, food, cooking, nutrition, supplements, as many types of training as possible, hormones, motivation, modalities of post training recovery, sleep, regenerative medicine…We human beings are complex biological organisms; we are made of many systems which need to work in harmony for us to feel healthy and vibrant. You need a holistic approach and most of the time target an issue from different angles to get results. Take the simple example of a migraine, we could easily find 20 sources or factors for it!

Confused about what you should be eating? Carbs or protein, in what ratio?

Confused about the right work out? Cardio, weights or both if yes, in which ratio?

Struggling to find the right balance for yourself and stick to a plan? You are not the only one.


Welcome to the overload of information in nutrition and fitness (most of them out of context) which is the main issue.At the end, we find ourselves lost and try one method after the other, based on the newest marketing trend.


If I hear one more time about intermittent fasting! GRRRR! Especially if you have zero knowledge on your own blood sugar fluctuations.

To me, coaching is first being an attentive listener to your unique situation, goal, barriers, and strengths. Then together we sketch out a plan so that you know what you should be doing every day! It is based on your budget, lifestyle and eating preferences, and the time and equipment you have to train with. Our plan should provide clarity, confidence in your ability to execute and have FUN!

I propose (not impose) options and ideas to support you.

In the process you should learn more about yourself and in the majority of cases you will realize that you did put brakes on your capabilities and potential.

The most important part of my work is to develop and grow your mindset. 

I want to re-wire you for success, to experience one breakthrough after another – a moment in time when your impossible becomes POSSIBLE-These new habits represent a new YOU - stronger mentally & physically- and so much happier because you are more confident in who you are. ​ 

Here are areas I have worked with my clients on:


Weight loss & body transformation


Health, energy & mental wellbeing


Managing appetite & cravings


 New moms’ fitness and wellness


Perimenopause: lifestyle for maintaining optimal health and wellness


Age-related weight gain


Bone density maintenance


Lifestyle medicine to prevent or manage chronic diseases.


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