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The benefits of tailored training programs

Every person is different and responds best to differing training methods. This is why I use a different approach with each client. Every session is tailored to how you feel that day and is done in an achievable manner, challenging, but not impossible. I take into account previous injuries, your goals, level of fitness, and all the other factors that go into creating the best training plan for YOU!

Weight Loss

I am very pragmatic about it. We are Not going through all the marketing diets on the planet. We sit down and go into deep thinking! We define together the 5 SMART goals.

My rule is 80% of the time you execute our plan, 20% of the time, you can indulge guilt free. Because denying yourself the occasional glass of wine or chocolate truffle will only make you feel deprived, frustrated, and ultimately, hopeless about maintaining your discipline. I will teach you moderation, and how to incorporate it into your life. The French way not the American way.

​Small and consistent changes lead to big results! I am here to celebrate your milestones but mainly I am here for strategies, pep-talk and to be accountable to someone, me.

Main topics of my Weight Loss program:

  • Training routine

  • Active time

  • Nutrition and cooking

  • Food and emotions

  • Stress

  • Sleep management

  • Hobbies

  • Logistics to fit your lifestyle

  • Your Mind Set (barriers, rewards, motivation, mental health)

  • Hormonal imbalance…

Senior Training 

Senior training Boulder CO

I love to train my seniors and I admire them for their effort and determination to keep training despite some limitations, aches, and pains. I have worked with clients who were done with physiotherapy after total hip replacement surgeries, knee replacements, frozen shoulders, and cancer, among others. 

First, I collect information on your health and fitness level  over the course of your life. Then, I put into place a safe and functional training routine incorporating strength training, balance, and flexibility. I want – through my exercise plan- to keep you vibrant, active, and independent. 

As Diana Nyad said "You're never too old to chase your dreams," is a powerful reminder that age should never be a barrier to pursuing what we truly desire in life. I WANT to age this way. Do you?

Back Pain Sufferers

Back pain sufferers, I hear you, I've been there! In fact, it's the main reason I became a trainer.

Dealing with back issues encompasses several aspects. You can’t just train hard during your session and forget about it the rest of the day. Everybody is different and requires different strengthening exercises that’s why we work together on functional exercises, breathing, relaxation, stretching, posture at home and at work (especially for desk job = office ergonomics) lifting your child or heavy objects, hydration, and proper nutrition. Act daily to regain full strength and mobility of your core and back. 

Pregnancy and post-partum

Boulder, CO - Boulder Area

I went through 2 pregnancies myself, so I understand the challenge of finding time in the day to exercise. But it offers so many physical and emotional benefits! So, let’s be selfish and take care of yourself for an hour. My main goal is to prepare you with a strong body trimester by trimester & ease your mind on this crazy ride.

The exercise modifications are based on weight gain and the trimesters including:

  • The hormones such as relaxin loosen ligaments, which could increase your risk of joint injuries (such as sprains).

  • As weight increases, we experience changes in weight distribution and body shape. This results in the body’s center of gravity moving forward, which can alter balance, coordination, posture, and gait.

  • Pregnancy increases your resting heart rate, so we want to stay in a comfortable intensity of work out.

  • Your blood pressure drops in the second trimester, so it is important to avoid rapid changes of position – from lying to standing and vice versa – to avoid dizzy spells.

Post-partum:  Heal smarter and stronger! There is no such thing as “snap back” into your pre pregnancy body, or fitness routine, especially after a C section.


​With guidance, progressive and specific post-partum exercises you can safely rehab and enjoy healing that lasts. My goal is for you to feel empowered and energized by your session. I honor your journey and acknowledge that each one is specific.

I concentrate on:

- Safely strengthening your core and pelvic floor.

- Healing from urinary incontinence, abdominal separating, scarring, tearing, prolapse and other birth injuries.

- Postural education and advice should be provided to nursing mothers to prevent or avoid development of musculoskeletal pain. How to lift/carry and exercise with babies and toddlers

- But let’s be honest, I think the main benefit of training is getting your sanity back for an hour!


H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training) combines short, high intensity bursts of exercise, with slow recovery phases repeated throughout one session. It's done at 85-100% of one's maximum heart rate, rather than the typical 50-70% in moderate endurance activity. 

This type of exercise is tough but fun and rewarding in terms of weight loss. I love this type of training, personally, because it is challenging! It is especially beneficial for endurance athletes as it helps you develop your fast twitch muscles, which are usually weaker than the slow twitch muscles in this type of athlete. 

When I teach H.I.I.T., I deeply customize the approach and level of training, by taking into account your cardio vascular fitness, injuries, overall fitness ability, and age, among others. 

Cancer Patients

(Post & During Treatment)

Years ago, a dear client was diagnosed with breast cancer. I felt powerless, so I decided to study this specialization. I came across the brilliant program of Andrea Leonard, herself a cancer survivor.

The management of the intensity of your training during treatment is essential to me. You don't want to overburden your body and immune system, or potentially increase the risk of lymphedema. I hold a certification on it to provide you with all the Do's and Don'ts. Sometimes less is more...

It is so gratifying to have my clients feel energized, more at peace with their capabilities to flight the disease and the harsh treatment.

"Through the energy of movement it unites all the disparate parts of the body. You become yourself again." 

Core and pelvic floor training 

Reverse kegel.jpg

Knowledge is power, knowing and understanding your own anatomy helps you to better support your body.


I am passionate about educating my clients on their core (muscles involved, their functions, incorporate a gentle and efficient routine of exercises based on their own case). I teach them how to efficiently move, breathe, lift and perform their daily activities keeping in mind their core.


I want to train my clients without taboo, shame, or fear on their pelvic floor. Indeed, it controls the bowels, bladder and sexual function, it stabilizes the spine, pelvis and supports our internal organs so it’s at a cross section of lots of systems. And when these muscles stop working in harmony it creates pains and tensions which CAN and should be addressed.

Beginner and Intermediate running Coaching

Boulder CO, Boulder area

From the couch to 5km to 100km…And all distances and conditions in between.

Pure running: Trail or road. Racing or not

Or spiced up: Mud runs with obstacles, swim run, triathlon…


Custom training plan: Includes a monthly 60 min phone call with the set up of 4 weeks of training.


My plans consider your running abilities, your lifestyle, health, and injuries.

I do promote strength and endurance conditioning and cross-training to keep running injury free.


For racing: We discuss everything. Training load and periodization, gear and clothing, hydration and nutrition, the specifics of the race, visualization, goals setting and more…

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