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Hi I am ANNE! I am a French American citizen. I am now based in Boulder County, Colorado. I began my practice in personal training in 2008 in Florida and it marked the real beginning of my professional life. I finally found my true calling at age 33! In my work I have loved training with people of all ages, fitness levels, and nationalities as we have moved along from one country to the next (France, England, Ireland, Florida, California) before relocating to Colorado!I believe in a holistic approach to get results with your health and fitness: food/cooking, sports, active/recovery time, motivation, feeding your mind with positive thoughts, managing stress, being organized, and having a detailed plan to achieve your goals. All of these are interlaced and are necessary for success!!Because of my personal journey with back pain, and the motivation it gave me to start training to support my body, I have realized the importance of PURPOSE. I like to know the specific WHY of my clients so that we train towards their specific goals. Staying motivated and consistent will be less of a struggle as you now know what DRIVES you.Being an ultra-trail runner and racer, training first our brain/ mind/ thoughts is on top on my list! The body will only execute what your mind has decided!To me, coaching is first being an attentive listener to your unique situation, goal, barriers, and strengths. Then together we sketch out a plan so that you know what you should be doing every day!So, let’s start paving the path towards a healthier and happier version of YOU!


Certified Personal Trainer (2008-2020 American Council of Exercise)

Holistic Health Adviser (AADP)

Graduated from Holistic Dietetics & Nutrition, Dublin Ireland (2008 Irish Association of Holistic Medicine)

Graduated in 1997 from the Culinary School of Nice, South of France

CPR (American Red Cross)



Pre and Post Natal Specialty (2011 ACE)

Senior Fitness Specialization Certification ( 2010 ACE)

Cancer Exercise Specialist (2012 Andrea Leonard Program)

Understanding Hormone Certificate Program (ACE)

Ironman certified Coach 2017

Wellness and Fitness Coach (2021 ACE)

Klose training Lymphedema certification 2021


Personal Bests

2023 Arches Ultra  50 km 7:23:28

2021 The Yeti 100 km 14:29:19

2018 Avalon, Catalina Island CA trail 50k time: 5:54:53

2018 Los Angeles Marathon time: 3:50:29​

2017 Ironman 70.3 Superfrog Coronado, CA time: 6:26:35

2016 Ironman 140.6 Tempe, AZ time: 14:14:37​

2015 Ironman 140.6 Chattanooga, TN time: 14:15:39​

2014 Ironman 140.6 Panama City, Fl time: 13:00:35 (swim cancelled)



Ultra trail running: several races ranging 8 miles to 62.5 miles distances

Obstacle races : Tough Mudder, World 24h Toughest Mudder

Swim Run: Odyssey Austin, SwimRun NC

Relay race: Ragnar relay Florida Keys

70.3 IM: Haines city, Miami, Hutchinson Island, BattleFrog

140.6 IM: Panama City, FL. Vineman, CA. Tempe AZ, Chattanooga, TN. Hokkaido (Japan), Zurich (Switzerland). Tulsa, OK. Louisville, KE

Swim: Swim Miami


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